[Mailman-Users] htDig patch & Mailman 2.0.9

Richard Barrett R.Barrett at ftel.co.uk
Mon Apr 8 19:56:46 CEST 2002

At 19:19 08/04/2002 +0200, Kaja P. Christiansen wrote:

>Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
>  > I recommend anybody running any version of
>  > Mailman 2.0.x to upgrade to 2.0.9, the latest stable release.
>The htdig patch by Richard Barrett is not compatible with the new
>version of Mailman. Are there plans for a new revision of this patch?
>I enclose the output from applying the patch in Mailman 2.0.9.

I have just posted to this list a notification of the availability of 
revised, MM 2.0.9 compatible patches on sourceforge.

You will need to apply the following files in the order they are listed to 
the vanilla 2.0.9 build directory:

1. from 
file indexing-2.0.9-0.1.patch

2. from 
file htdig-2.0.9-0.1.patch

Any problems with these then let me know

>~/sources/mailman-2.0.9> patch --dry-run -p1 < htdig-2.0.8-0.1.patch
>patching file INSTALL
>patching file INSTALL.htdig-mm
>patching file Mailman/Archiver/HyperArch.py
>Hunk #1 FAILED at 39.
>Hunk #2 succeeded at 515 (offset -10 lines).
>Hunk #3 succeeded at 558 (offset -3 lines).
>Hunk #4 succeeded at 682 (offset -10 lines).
>Hunk #5 succeeded at 708 (offset -3 lines).
>Hunk #6 FAILED at 763.
>Hunk #7 succeeded at 762 (offset -17 lines).
>Hunk #8 succeeded at 802 (offset -3 lines).
>2 out of 8 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file 
>patching file Mailman/Cgi/htdig.py
>patching file Mailman/Cgi/updateTOC.py
>patching file Mailman/Defaults.py.in
>Hunk #1 FAILED at 552.
>1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file Mailman/Defaults.py.in.rej
>patching file Makefile.in
>patching file bin/Makefile.in
>patching file bin/blow_away_htdig
>patching file cron/Makefile.in
>patching file cron/crontab.in.in
>patching file cron/nightly_htdig
>patching file cron/remote_nightly_htdig
>patching file cron/remote_nightly_htdig.pl
>patching file cron/remote_nightly_htdig_noshare
>patching file src/Makefile.in

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