[Mailman-Users] "True" virtual domains [netaktiv.com #99]

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Mon Apr 8 22:57:32 CEST 2002

Using Mailman with virtual domains.

 - Create the list using the unique local name
 - Setup the virtual name and point it to the unique local name (for email
and for web)
 - Web admin to list and under General Options set
      "Host name this list prefers" to the virtual host name
      "Base URL for Mailman ..." to the virtual hosting site ***
 - Web admin, Privacy Options, set
      "Alias names (regexps).." list to include both the real and the
virtual name of the list
 - Web admin, Regular/Digest member options
      "Footer added..." manually put in the information you want to show up

*** This step could really hose you.  Make sure that your virtual web site
works or you will loose the ability to access the list config.  If that
happens, go into ~mailman/lists/<listname>/.. and copy "config.db.last" over
the current "config.db".  You will loose all recent changes, but you will
once more be able to access the config of the list.

This should let you setup multiple virtual lists with the same primary name:
  info at backrub.org
  info at ralphismyfriend.edu

The mail for each list will come into your virtual-users tables and be
replaced by the unique local name:
  info-backrub at hostdomain.com
  info-ralphismyfriend-edu at hostdomain.com

>From there they will go to the created mailman lists.  They will be accepted
as valid for the lists (since the lists have that name as well as the
virtual defined as being acceptable).  They will be sent out from Mailman
using the "Host name this list prefers" which is the virtual name.  (note,
your server has to be setup to relay for the virtual domain!).

Really the only tricky parts are the web redirects.

Any critiques or additions are welcome.  Good Luck!

Jon Carnes
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> We are an ISP and we have several clients requesting a mailing
> list. Often, the names collide. No problems with email addresses, we
> know how to configure Postfix to have info at company.com and
> info at npo.org point to different mailboxes.
> But I cannot do the same with Mailman. Mailing lists are apparently
> unique, whatever the domain is. So, I must create info-company and
> info-npo and set a different host_name for each list. Not a big deal
> except that this name appears in messages sent and
> info-company at company.com is not really elegant.
> I tried changing real_name. As its documentation said, it is
> discouraged and, indeed, it does not work (the original name still
> appears in messages).
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