[Mailman-Users] ^^Announcment list only and real mail address in the To: field

Robert Sterzing rsterzing at quicklogix.com
Mon Apr 8 23:00:55 CEST 2002


I'm proud to run mailman 2.0.7 on our FreeBSD system. I try to figure out
how to do a announcment list - only. Should I just reject member mails as
the list admin and pretend to be a announcment list? That would be to easy
for me. Any other solution for this tiny problem.

Another problem I'm facing is that I want to put the real email address of
the list member in the To: field of the header. Didn't find a hint for that.
Still get <list-name>@whatever.com. Some list members think that's not very
personal. Well, that's what they think.

Any hints, advises, roumors, jokes. I would appreciate your help.


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