[Mailman-Users] Re: Including from field in body

Will Yardley william+mm at hq.newdream.net
Thu Apr 11 00:14:40 CEST 2002

James Blackwell wrote:
> We've got mailman set up here and it's working great.  However, we've
> had a request that I am unable to fullfill.  Maybe someone can either
> point me in the right direction, or at least tell me that it isn't
> possible in mailman.

one possibility would be to use procmail or another mail filter type
thingie to modify the headers before piping the message to mailman.
there may be an easier way to do this, but that's the only way i can
think of.

Will Yardley
input: william < @ hq . newdream . net . >

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