[Mailman-Users] Server Side Includes

Ben Gertzfield che at debian.org
Tue Apr 16 02:39:36 CEST 2002

On Tuesday, April 16, 2002, at 12:44 , Richard Barrett wrote:

> Surely, if you are using the built-in pipermail archiver, you can also 
> set a list's archive to private on the Archive Options web GUI admin 
> page. The list archives are then not available through the /pipermail/ 
> URI path element but are accessed via the /mailman/private/ path which 
> is serviced by the $prefix/Mailman/Cgi/private.py script. This script 
> uses cookie authentication for which the user credentials are the list 
> member's mail address and their associated list password and restricts 
> archive access to list members only.

This is fine if you want to restrict to list members, but for academic 
review sorts of lists, you often want to grant archive viewing 
privileges to everyone at the university, or everyone in a certain Unix 
group, etc.

In those cases, using Apache (or whatever) access directives is needed 
and works fine.


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