[Mailman-Users] [newbie] Database?

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Wed Apr 17 17:03:38 CEST 2002

You don't need to install a separate database.  Not with 2.0.x and not with
2.1.x, but with 2.1.x you *can* use a separate database.

Start out with Sendmail (or Postfix).  Sendmail is extremely easy to use -
though by default is not setup properly (at least in RedHat), still it works
fine and for small lists you won't notice any difference.
If you are dead-set against using Sendmail, then use Postfix.  Both work
fine with Mailman.  Exim and Qmail also work fine with Mailman, but... not
straight out of the box.  You will have to do some configuration tweaking.
Fortunately, all of it is well documented.

If you use smrsh, then you will have to make a link in the smrsh directory
that points to the wrapper which Mailman uses when sending mail.  Smrsh is a
security add-on for Sendmail and other MTA's.

Good Luck.

BTW: this seems to be extremely "on topic"... ;-)
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> I've just started a new job and bring all the joys of Open Source with me.
> We currently run Lotus Bloats here and use it for simple web stuff.
> However, Bloats doesn't provide a nice interface for mailing lists and I'd
> like to set up a standalone server to manage mailing lists. Currently, it
> will be a Linux box.  I'm trying to install a test server at home (on my
> own box).
> As for my questions, does Mailman need a database?  I'm sure I read last
> week that it did, but for the life of me cannot find the page that
> commented on that.  From Linux's point for view, which is the easiest
> database to set up?  I read about BerkelyDB (IIRC) - is that a standard
> installation on most linux distros?  If it is, how can I check if it's
> installed?
> Also, which is the easiest to get Mailman to work with - Postfix, Exim or
> sendmail? I know I have Postfix installed at home (and know nothing about
> it) but other people on my lug group have suggested Exim. I've tried
> installing Exim and it seems to need a load of other stuff. How does
> Postfix go with Mailman? Good or bad?
> Thanks in advance for any comments.
> Adam
> PS. Sorry if this is a bit off-topic - I have been following the list for
> only a week now. If it is, please feel free to reply via email and not on
> the list (although that defeats the whole object of a mailing list :-) )
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