[Mailman-Users] OT: Projects need Money. You can help!

Christopher Reed reed at affero.com
Fri Apr 19 19:47:16 CEST 2002

Apologies in advance if this feels spammy. I showed it to Barry first 
and he thought the concept was interesting. We both would like to see
what you think of the idea.

I have been working with a few folks on a grassroots way for people to
donate money to various non-profits & projects such as Apache, Hurd,
EFF, or even to a given developer.  This donation might be in response
to some helpful feedback given by that developer in response to a
question on a mailing list; it might be because their name and URL were
in some software they used.  To be upfront: Affero adds 10% on top of
the donation for our expenses. We hope this  is reasonable given the
costs involved in credit card auth and the like. There are other sites
out there that don't charge you anything like justgive.org The problem
is justgive.org and other sites like it, are limited to 501c3 charities
and you have to go to the site to donate. Affero is viral network, where
the donation happens after an event. The event being the support givin
on mailing lists.

For example: Jon wants to get his employer to change their privacy
policy but runs into a brick wall. Jon goes to some discussion list
and pleads for help. Jane, and EFF supporter, responds to Jon's plea
and give him some specific ideas and resources about how to turn his
employer around. Jon uses the approach and is successfull. Jon wants
to say thanks to Jane, so he clicks on a URL in her email message. The
URL takes Jon to a webpage where he can give public praise to Jane as
well as donate $50 to her favorite foundations (which includes the GNU
and the ACLU).

The software used to deliver the service is open source. You can click
on the "(0)" any page in our service and download the source.

For example, take a look at a link I created below. 


People can go to that URL and donate money, 35% of which goes to the
Squid, 35% to XFree86 and 30% to FSF Gen Fund-GCC.

We're very interested in any comments and feedback on the
site/service. Sign up and raise some cash for your favorite project!
You can check it out at http://www.affero.net to see some demos.
BTW, we have been told that we should lower the current $15.00 minimum.
What do you think?



How valuable is my contribution? Share your feedback at Affero:
Office: 415 371 9900
reed at affero.com

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