[Mailman-Users] easy unsubscription (via confirmation)

Andross andross at ghettobox.dhs.org
Wed Apr 24 20:51:04 CEST 2002


I'm trying to configure an event notification email list. The problem is
that the prospective users aren't the most accomplished internet users.

I want my list to be unsubscribable via confirmation and not require a

I've found a Mailman wrapper that will accomplish this, but I'd rather use
a mailman feature than a perl & postgress hack. From the 2.1 alpha
announcement I get the idea that mailman 2.1 will support this feature.

Is that correct, and is there anyway to accomplish this with mailman

Other options would be: a link at the top of the welcome message that
would let the user unsubscribe or any other single action that would
unsubscribe the user.

Thanks for any advice

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