[Mailman-Users] Still want it faster :-)

Harold Paulson haroldp at sierraweb.com
Sat Apr 27 02:17:49 CEST 2002


Here are some ways I have discovered of making Mailman really painfully slow:

	1) Use Sendmail for your outgoing MTA and have it do DNS checks on
            relayed mail.  Pick an email address out on the net and test it from
	   your Mailman machine with something like 'mail -v
	   youraccount at hotmail.com'.  By the way, turning off DNS checks in
	   sendmail usually makes it an open relay. Yeah!

	2) Have slow or broken DNS.  What happens when you do something like,
	   'nslookup hotmail.com' from your Mailman server?

	3) Leave old lock files lying around in ~mailman/locks/.  This works
	   especially well on really old versions of mailman.

	4) Populate your mailing lists with email addresses from the corners of
	   the earth with the worst connections and shakiest DNS.

Good luck!

	- H

>How is some processing working?
>Someone send a mail to the list.
>Mailserver received it.
>Wrapper handled it and put the message to the qfiles dir.
>So far so good here...
>qrunner is running..
>What does this qrunner script exacly doing with the qfiles dir?
>I need to understand some things.
>See my problem i described before on the list. It is now proccessing 
>qfiles files but it is not yet good and fast enough.
>I did change the default values to :
>LIST_LOCK_LIFETIME = minutes(5)
>LIST_LOCK_TIMEOUT = seconds(10)
>With the default values from mailman it processes 1 message from the 
>qfiles dir between 20 and 45 minutes.
>Now it is processing 1 message from the qfiles dir between 4 and 10 minutes.
>What i want is process all the files at the qfiles dir at once till 
>its empty. So lets say, 50 messages at the qfiles dir is processed 
>in a few minutes, and not 1 message in 10 minutes..
>There are more incomming messages then qrunner processing for out. 
>The qfiles dir is growing and growing and growing...
>I am not talking about sending messages though the MTA. It is just 
>qrunner that us doing nothing while there are so many *.msg/*.db 
>files are to be processed.
>I hope i am now clear enough :-)
>btw, there are still al lot of *.msg/*.db files more than 4 ours 
>old.. when are these processed?
>Danny Terweij


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