[Mailman-Users] Summary, whats next?

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Mon Apr 29 00:33:09 CEST 2002

Try creating a test list in your /etc/aliases on the box (non-local email 
addresses) and send to the list. Monitor the queue while you are doing it.  
Does this list move out quickly?  How does the speed compare with qrunner 
handling a Mailman list?

I'm guessing that either your sendmail is having some weird timout, or that 
you box is too heavily loaded with other processes...

What does "top" give you when you look at it?  How much processor is 
available? How much memory is being used?  Is it swapping alot?

How big is your Swap on your box?  How much of your swap are you using while 
sending to a list?

Are you running your box in Run Level 3 or in Run Level 5 (graphical user 
interface)?  Please run it in 3 - your machine is fairly under powered for RH 
7.2 so it is not going to be able to handle Run Level 5 very quickly.

Have you updated your kernel from the default install:
   up2date -f -i kernel, kernel-headers

How much space do you have on your box - are any of the filesystems running 
low on space?
   df -h

Of key importance for space is the /var area used to handle the mail queue.

Since Mailman in general runs extremely fast - even on low processor boxes, I 
would focus on your system and its load to see if the bottle neck is there.

Good Luck 
 --- Original Message: Sunday 28 April 2002 04:57 pm ---
> Hello,
> Still no success of fast processing the qfiles dir.
> I did do the following :
> Using SMTPDirect module to port 25 (Normal Sendmail)
> Using SMTPDirect module to port 250 (Sendmail no DNS resolving
> according the FAQ)
> Using SMTPDirect module to port 25 (Another SMTP server running
> on windows 2000)
> Using Sendmail module
> All  methods are the same results. qrunner is processing just 1 message at
> the time and the next message at the qfiles dir is processed about 10
> minutes later.
> So qrunner is processing the qfiles dir for about 10 messages in 1 hour.
> Because there are more than 10 messages comming in .. the qfiles dir is
> growing and growing.
> Now you may tell me what i now can try to make qrunner faster processing.
> Mailman 2.0.10
> Pentium 120, 96Mb ram
> 2x40gb HDD
> Redhat 7.2
> Greetings,
> Danny Terweij
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