[Mailman-Users] answers???

Morgan Fletcher morgan at hahaha.org
Thu Dec 19 21:20:28 CET 2002

"Marci O'Daffer" <mjo at kalico.net> writes:
> I have seen a lot of questions posted here in the past few days since
> I joined, but no answers. I've personally posted two questions, and
> have received no answers. Are there any list moderators? Anyone to
> answer questions for us newbies?

What are your questions again?

Remember, this is free.

> Appies(tm) Web Site Manager includes Mailman on all hosting accounts!
> http://www.HostingNorthwest.net

You're asking for free help for something you then sell. 


I am no expert. I have mailman successfully serving mailing lists, and
I have fallen in enough pits with mailman to know some of the

Let's hear those questions again.


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