[Mailman-Users] hello Mailmen and Mailwomen

Devdas Bhagat devdas at worldgatein.net
Mon Feb 4 12:53:04 CET 2002

On 04/02/02 14:56 +1300, brenda and fred wrote:
> I was just checking out Mailman to see if its suitable for our organisation
> where can I get a look at the administrative interface (whithout installing 
> it myself)?
Hmmm, quite a few people do provide mailman lists. See if you know any
sourceforge list admin.

> does it support headers and footers?

> can it filter atachments if wanted?
Depends, you may want to tie in external software for this.

> can anyone be bothered answering a lot of stupid questions about it?
This list. So long as you read the INSTALL and FAQ first.

Devdas Bhagat

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