[Mailman-Users] email address datastore

Ryan LeBlanc hosting at analoghosting.com
Wed Feb 6 07:50:08 CET 2002

I am continuing my work on getting mailman working, and need to figure out
where some data is stored.  For example:

When I run the following on list Jack_domainname.com:

root at porsche /home/mailman/bin> python -i withlist Jack_domainname.com
Loading list: jack_analoghost.com (unlocked)
>>> print m.GetListEmail()
Jack at domainname.com


What file is it pulling that information from?  I can't seem to find it with
grep in the mailman home dir.  Once I do find it, I need to change it ;o)

Thanks for you help

Ryan LeBlanc
hosting at analoghosting.com

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