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Dan Wilder dan at ssc.com
Sun Jan 6 07:42:46 CET 2002

On Sat, Jan 05, 2002 at 10:59:10PM -0500, WH wrote:
> Hi -
> I am looking for somewhere to place a small mailing list for a 501(C)3 
> non-profit club.  We are a group of about 120 soaring/sailplane enthusiasts 
> who would like to stay in touch via an e-mail list.
> Due to our small size we cannot justify setting up our own server, and our 
> web-hosting company (Verio) does not offer e-mail list support.
> Where can I get a modest e-mail list account for this group?  We are 
> willing to pay a small monthly service fee if necessary.
> We would be able to manage the list for ourselves, I'm certain.
> Thanks for any suggestions you might have.
> Wade Hooke  (webmaster at harrishillsoaring.org)
> Harris Hill Soaring
> Elmira, NY
> http://www.harrishillsoaring.org

Well, you've already got a domain name.  

If anybody with our club has the inclination and knowledge to
set up/install a Linux or BSD server on surplus PC hardware (I'm
talking the sort that should be available for a couple hundred
US dollars or less), that's sufficient to install Mailman.

All you need from your web hosting provider is an email forward
to the list's posting address.  You should be able to stick
the server in a broom closet and forget about it.  So long
as it's a broom closet with a DSL, cable modem, or for the
volume you're talking, even a 56K ppp connection.

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