[Mailman-Users] Strange problems with IE, Netscape works OK

Mark Radabaugh (Amplex) mark at amplex.net
Mon Jan 7 23:00:32 CET 2002

I seem to have major problems using Internet Explorer with my installation 
of Mailman 2.0.8 on a FreeBSD/Apache box.

If I do not create a list called 'mailman' then IE complains every time 
that the list mailman doesn't exist when you go to 
http://mailman.amplex.net/mailman/listinfo.  If I do create the list called 
mailman then you always end up at 
http://mailman.amplex.net/mailman/listinfo/mailman when you try to visit 
the listinfo page.

The same problem occurs under the admin pages - without a mailman list it 
complains and won't let you into any of the sites.  With the mailman list 
in existence then the only thing that comes up is the 'mailman' list but 
you can't do anything with it.

With Netscape everything works fine....

Clearing cookies doesn't seem to have much affect at all...

Any ideas?

Mark Radabaugh

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