[Mailman-Users] several questions

Nissley_Ron/EMM at mail.emm.org Nissley_Ron/EMM at mail.emm.org
Mon Jan 7 22:13:34 CET 2002

I'm setting up a few lists and have several questions.
 First, although I have the administrivia option set to 0 ("No"), I
still continue receiving a lot of post approval messages. It wouldn't be
so bad, but most of the posts are from people in the list's "Addresses
of members accepted for posting". What gives?
 Also, I have the list set to autoreply when someone posts to it. I want
it to reply except in the case where the poster is in the "Addresses of
members accepted for posting" list. Unfortunately, everyone gets the
autoreply. Any way to set this the way I want it?
 Also, I don't want my list members to have to use a password. Is there
a way around passwords in mailman, or are they gonna have to live with

TIF, Ron

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