[Mailman-Users] Problems establishing new list

Dana Giambra dgiambra at tahoe.com
Mon Jan 7 21:06:52 CET 2002

I have recently moved my hosting for http://www.giambraplace.com to hostfinity.com and Mailman is used for mailing list. I set up a new mailing list (Cfcollectors) and did a test subscribe to make sure it was functional before I transfer subscribers from the previous list, but it doesn't appear to be working. 

I received a copy of the new subscriber (dana at giambraplace.com) at my admin e-mail address: cflist at giambraplace.com, but I (the subscriber) never received a welcome message confirming the subscription? I have "Send welcome message when people subscribe" set as "yes" under general options. When I look at the subscribers list it shows no subscribers??? 

I changed the DNS to the new hostfinity name servers on January 5 and the change in the WhoIs database. Would the problem with the list be related to waiting for the change to propagate across the net, or is there something else I've done incorrectly?

Thank you for your assistance,

Dana Giambra
dana at giambraplace.com

P.S. I'm sending this message from my work e-mail address
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