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Anne Strebe arcas at cantv.net
Thu Jan 17 04:30:23 CET 2002

Good evening,

my name is Anne Strebe and I am very new to using the Mailman mailing list.
Together with other associates, we have a website for decorative painters,
http://tolefriends.com and our host offers Mailman as a mailing list.

Tole Friends is hosted since two weeks on a Lynux operating system. In
general, I am not a specialist with opearating systems, do not know anything
about programming or script. My knowledge in this sector is limited to
designing and uploading a website or the elementary setup of a mailing list.

Until 10 days ago, the Tole Friends mailing list was located on Yahoo, due
to many inconveniences, we decided it would be safer to run it on our own
server. Setting up the basics was not a big problem but, after we had over
700 members changing over (and others are still in the process), we
encountered a series of difficulties, which I am afraid, I am not able to
resolve without some expert help. In connection with this I like to mention
that most of our members do not have exhausive knowledge with script, setup,
etc. We are decorative artists and most of our time is spend to learn more
about our art and painting.

The Mailman version, which came with our hosting packet is 2.0.8 and the
list is set up to show "tolefriends" as sender instead of individual names.

Our specific problems are:
1.        Messages in html format are coming through the list, including
those, which do not only have fancy fonts and/or colors but also imbedded
little images like smiley faces etc.

In general we all would like to have the list function that only plain text
is permitted and that any html code and/or attachments are stripped from
incomeing messages.

2.        When persons, who prefer to receive their mail as digest are
setting it up for MIME, all list mail arrives as an attachment. I have been
possible to change individual settings to plain text and, as the heavy
sign-up will not take longer than 3 weeks is not a big problem.

            On the other hand, I understand from messages, received by AOL
users that in their case even when setting the digest up for "plain text"
the individual email messages in a digest still show up as attachments.

            I live in Venezuela, South America and do not have any access to
AOL, unless I make a very expensive overseas call to dial in.

3.        Any digest message in plain text shows first the message in a
clear, readable form and, in many cases, underneath "Double Dutch" html
code. This is quite annoying and we would like to eliminate this in our
digest versions.

            I am aware that this happens in those cases, where the sender
has set up their email system to send in html. One of my helpers and myself
are trying to explain on an individual level to our members, who to change
their settings to plain text but, as we do not have a hands on experience
with each and every email program, it is often not possible to give our
members easy explanations.

I would be very grateful for any help to these 3 problems and, if possible
to send any script in a form that I can just copy and paste into the right
window on the Mailman administrative pages.

Thanks in advance for the help,

Anne Strebe, SDP, FPDA
Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela
arcas at cantv.net
Rom. 8:28

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> On Wednesday 16 January 2002 09:35, Roman Zajic wrote:
> > Hello everybody,
> >
> > I'm using Mailman version 2.0.5 and opposite Majordomo's behaviour I'm
> > not able to save edited mail message when approve ;(  During approval
> > process I can't modify message; The message is sent to mail-list
> > unchanged :(
> >
> > Does anybody know anything about this mailman's disadvantage ? Isn't
> > there any solution about this ?
> >
> > Thanks for any Re:
> >
> > Roman Zajic.
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