[Mailman-Users] Mailman mail-wrapper: Failure to exec script.

Richard Barrett R.Barrett at ftel.co.uk
Mon Jan 28 19:23:02 CET 2002

At 12:29 28/01/2002 -0500, Juan Luis Baptiste wrote:
>I'm trying to install mailman for the first time in a Mandrake 8.0 box
>with postfix as the MTA agent. I have done everything the documentation
>says, but I'm having this problem. When I try to subscribe to a newly
>created list, the mail bounces back with this error message:
><merlinux-request at merlinux.javeriana.edu.co>: Command died with status 2:
>"/home/mailman/mail/wrapper mailcmd merlinux". Command output:
>Failure to exec script. WANTED gid 12, GOT gid 99.  (Reconfigure to take
>Looking at the mail log at /var/log/messages/mail/errors, I see this
>message every time I reply to the confirmation request mail:
>Jan 23 16:19:00 merlinux Mailman mail-wrapper: Failure to exec script.
>WANTED gid 12, GOT gid 99.  (Reconfigure to take 99?)
>Jan 23 16:19:00 merlinux procmail[4003]: Attempt to fake stamp by
>I have ran the check_perms with the -f flag as mailman user and every
>thing seems ok.
>Can anyone give me a clue on this?

The INSTALL document in the Mailman build directory describes how you need 
to set the value of --with-mail-gid parameter to ./configure. See also 

>Juan Luis Baptiste M.
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