[Mailman-Users] How to define hostname?

Dimitrios V. Gerasimatos dvg at zeus.jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Jan 29 03:40:18 CET 2002

	I have a host that is used for multiple functions. Several of the
	functions rely on a particular hostname. I am using apache, and
	I setup a virtual host to serve mailman only.

	I wish to have mail sent by mailman to use the virtual hostname 
	(actually also an alias in DNS). 

	I have changed the DEFAULT_HOST_NAME parameter in mm_cfg.py, but
	I am still getting mail from list-request at realhostname . This of
	course works, but it is unsightly and may confuse my users. How	
	do I make mailman/sendmail rewrite the header to that e-mail appears
	to come from the more proper list-request at aliashostname?


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