[Mailman-Users] mailman + postfix + virtual domains

Patrick Ben Koetter p at state-of-mind.de
Tue Jan 29 01:50:12 CET 2002

Hi there,

I'm not sure if this is OT.

I have a postfix daemon running, accepting and delivering mails for my
local domain and a few virtual domains.
Now I want to integrate mailman as listserver for one of the virtual
(!) domains.

My problem is:
The output generated by bin/newlist applies for 'alias'-style maps and
not for a postfix 'virtual' map. And this is where my problems start:

1. alias_maps doesn't work for virtual domains
If I configure postfix to look up the lists in the alias_maps section
it cannot find the corresponding users because they belong to the
virtual domain.
Exception: I set the hostname in 'mydestination' which I am not
supposed to do when I run postfix with virtual domains the
'postfix-style'. Hmmmm...

2. virtual_maps won't execute 'wrapper' correctly
So I moved the mailman-alias-map into postfix's virtual_map section
and edited the map file. I deleted the ':', added '@virtualdom.ain' to
the user names and left the paths to 'wrapper' including the commands
events at virtualdom.ain
"|/PATH_TO_MAILMAN/mailman/mail/wrapper post events"

Now postfix started complaining that it couldn't find the user,
because something went wrong when it tried to deliver to 'wrapper'.

I think, that the virtual map does not support scripts to be executed
as I understand that alias maps on contrary do. to prove that I read
threads in the postfix lists and had a look at "Postfix" by Richard
Blum. I couldn't find anything to prove I'm wrong with my idea. Still
that doesn't fix my problem :-|

What am I doing the wrong way? Has anybody managed to integrate
mailman with postfix virtual domains?
Did I totally misunderstand something? Should I go to bed and get some
sleep ;-)

thanks for pointing me towards the right direction,

p at rick

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