[Mailman-Users] Mailman and MTA running on different boxes

Raghuveer Polavarapu polavarapur at convergent.com
Fri Jul 26 15:42:34 CEST 2002

Hi guys
I am trying to install Mailman on RedHat Linux and actually have installed
it, now I am trying to configure it to with an MTA on a different box thats
also running Linux (Different flavour but uses SendMail as MTA). I am
following the INSTALL guide that came with the installtion and am in Step 4)
Final System Setup, but I am not sure how to configure Mailman so that it
would work with the MTA on my other box (this one has a DNS entry and is one
of our mail servers) and also how to configure my MTA (using SendMail as MTA
on my mailserver) to get it working with Mailman. COuld anyone please let me
know how to do this or atleast pointers to resources on how to do this. In
the install guide it talks about adding aliases for 'mailman' and
'mailman-owner' to the system's mail alias database. But I am not sure if
this needs to be done on the box where Mailman is installed or my other box
that is our mail server that's our MTA. Also In step5) Customize Mailman, it
says to configure mm_cfg.py to override the defaukts in Defaults.py(like
Default Host Name, Default URL, SMTP Host and SMTP port), so when I override
these in mm-cfg.py, which host name and URL should I use (Is that the host
name of the box running Mailman or the one running my MTA; Also for the
SMTPHost and SMTPPort what values should I use). Could someone please let me
know these details or atleast point to resources where I can find this

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