[Mailman-Users] How do I recover from this?

Tim Rea trea at reatech.com
Wed Mar 13 17:27:14 CET 2002

I recently had to completely reformat my primary harddrive and reinstall
Linux from scratch.  I had to do this because someone hacked into my box and
messed everything up.  The admins at my datacenter did the reinstall and now
my system is back up.

The good news is that I have a second disk in the machine that is a backup
of the primary disk so I have a backup of ALL my files.  Now I am
reinstalling everything from scratch including Mailman.  I was using Mailman
1.1.  Now I am installing Mailman 2.1.  I was managing several mailing lists
for my customers using Mailman 1.1.

My question:
How can I retrieve all the emails for the old mailing lists?  I have all the
files but have not been able to locate the "database" that contains all the
email addresses for each mailing list.  I would like to install and
configure Mailman 2.1 and recreate the mailing lists.  Then I want to
retrieve all the email addresses from the old files/"databases" and import
them into the new mailing lists.  Can this be done?  I hope so since my
customers have lists with thousands of email addresses and there is no way
for me to recreate the list of addresses unless I can retrieve them from the
old backup files.

Can you help me?

Tim Rea

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