[Mailman-Users] Python upgrade 'disables passwords'

Jeff Klassen jklassen at biblesociety.ca
Fri Mar 15 22:36:27 CET 2002

Further info:

When I create a new list using bin/newlist I get:

Warning: problem with getpass. Passwords may be echoed.

when I come to the point of entering the initial admin password.

I am not a python expert, so am not sure where to start with resolving this.

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> Subject: [Mailman-Users] Python upgrade 'disables passwords'
> Hi,
> I am having some trouble today after upgrading my Python from 
> 1.5.2 to 2.0.1
> I am running Mailman 2.0. Today I compiled and installed 
> Python 2.0.1 in order to support some other software on this 
> server. All of the Mailman functions appear to work fine 
> after the update, except for the site admin and list admin 
> passwords. Accessing any of the lists admin pages, and 
> inputting the expected password, returns an "Authentication 
> Failed" message.
> I was able to fix the site admin password with mmsitepass. 
> Now I can get into the admin pages as a site admin. But, even 
> if I go into a list admin page and enter a new password in 
> the area for Changing the Administrator password, I still 
> cannot use that password to get into the admin pages.
> Does anyone know what is going on here, or why the Python 
> update would have caused this password trouble? Is there an 
> admin script that I can use to also fix the list admin 
> passwords, like mmsitepass did for the site admin?
> Thanks for anyone's help. 
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