[Mailman-Users] question re: Mailman

ABL -Hiromi Hiromi at ABL.ORG
Thu Mar 21 23:53:18 CET 2002

I have questions re: the Mailman email mailing list program.
This is what I need/what I'm looking for: two-way mail where an
administrator can control who is on the distribution list.  I'd really like
it to be linked to a password.  
ABL is a membership organization and I'd like to offer this as a value-add
service, however, I would need to insure that only our Members would be able
to access the distribution.
Any information you have that might help me would be very much appreciated.
Warmest Regards,
Hiromi Hiraoka
Manager, Member Services and Development
ABL Organization
www.abl.org <http://www.abl.org/> 
Phone: (714) 245-1431
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