[Mailman-Users] help required - HTML default frame

sunny hellozappy2k at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 22 15:58:54 CET 2002

I am running mailman ver 2.08 on solaris 2.8, 

I have set up my mailman webserver and is accessble
using http://lists.mydom.com and here in the main
page, i have made it to display a frame based page
where on the TOP frame my company's logo and the
department the server belongs will be displayed and
the Bottom(the BIG) frame the -
http://lists.mydom.com/mailman/listinfo is made to
now the problem is when a moderator gets an email
he/she clicks on the URL sent in the email
(http://lists.mydom.com/mailman/admin/techlist) then
my  company's page is not displayed?? how to make it
appear which ever the link you directly access it
should display that in a frame. I am running apache
server on Solaris 2.8.


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