[Mailman-Users] I have a hoster that I would like to use mailman with

Jeff Shipman shippy at nmt.edu
Mon Nov 4 02:02:21 CET 2002

I'm currently using a webhoster and I have an account
on their machines. They're using FreeBSD and they use
majordomo for their mailing lists. I really don't like
majordomo and I don't find it to be very flexible. They're
considering mailman, but getting them to install it
will probably take forever. I was hoping there would be
some way for me to install it locally to my home directory
and just use it for my lists. Plus, if they want to use
it, they'll need to be flexible in letting others do
their own mailing lists. I notice places like SourceForge
have this feature where each project can set up their
own lists.

Is there a way I can install Mailman in my account
without root privs or is there minimal root privs
things that I could just ask them to do? They said
they'd be willing to help me out with the system
stuff, but I don't want anything to conflict with
their current system.

Also, I have my own domain name that all of my
email goes to. I don't know if that helps in
the setup or not.

Thanks in advance!
Jeff "Shippy" Shipman     E-Mail: shippy at nmt.edu
Computer Science Major    ICQ: 1786493
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Homepage: http://www.nmt.edu/~shippy

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