[Mailman-Users] I have a hoster that I would like to use mailman with

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Mon Nov 4 18:59:14 CET 2002

If the sysadmin is willing to help you then there is no reason for it
not to work.

You'll need their help for three things:
 - Have them setup a user and group both named mailman.  Then you can
login as the user mailman and do the install.
 - Setup the cgi aliases in Apache's config file for /mailman and
 - Setup a secondary system mail "aliases" file that user mailman has
rights to modify.

Now whenever you login as the user mailman, you can create/modify/delete
mailing lists on the server.

Note: you can do the install using your own userid/group by setting
those switches during the ./configure step of the installation. I don't
recommend this though, and it will all work out nicer if the sysadmin
agrees to a second user named mailman.

Note2: you might also need sysadmin help in determining what GID your
server's MTA uses, and what GID your server's web server uses.  You
might also need the sysadmin to allow Mailman's wrapper program to be
run by the MTA (if they use smrsh or some other limiting application).

Good Luck! 

On Sun, 2002-11-03 at 20:02, Jeff Shipman wrote:
> I'm currently using a webhoster and I have an account
> on their machines. They're using FreeBSD and they use
> majordomo for their mailing lists. I really don't like
> majordomo and I don't find it to be very flexible. They're
> considering mailman, but getting them to install it
> will probably take forever. I was hoping there would be
> some way for me to install it locally to my home directory
> and just use it for my lists. Plus, if they want to use
> it, they'll need to be flexible in letting others do
> their own mailing lists. I notice places like SourceForge
> have this feature where each project can set up their
> own lists.
> Is there a way I can install Mailman in my account
> without root privs or is there minimal root privs
> things that I could just ask them to do? They said
> they'd be willing to help me out with the system
> stuff, but I don't want anything to conflict with
> their current system.
> Also, I have my own domain name that all of my
> email goes to. I don't know if that helps in
> the setup or not.
> Thanks in advance!
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