[Mailman-Users] Re: personalization features (was Re: Archive URL in postings (2.1b3))

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Nov 5 00:04:41 CET 2002

>>>>> "HK" == Harald Koch <chk at pobox.com> writes:

    HK>     Can this new To/Cc munging sub-option of personalisation
    HK> be enabled or disabled separately from other personalisation
    HK> tricks (like the personalised list-info URL you mentioned in
    HK> the other thread)?

Yes, and it wouldn't be hard, although it would require yet another
list configuration variable.

Is it worth it for MM2.1?  Note that I currently have To-munging
disabled by commenting out the relevant code.  Someone using Mailman
for a corporate announce list, for which To-munging would be very
useful, could re-enable site-wide by uncommenting the code.  Enabling
it on a per-list basis requires a configuration variable.


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