[Mailman-Users] Mailman Virtual Hosting - my findings

Michael info at lashampoo.com
Tue Nov 5 23:22:08 CET 2002

> 1) When you create a list with "newlist", the info mail sent to the 
> list manager always contains a base URL from the "real" host name of 
> the server.
> Q: Is there a way to set the base URL and prefered host name of a list 
> at the time of creation? As I said, I am new to this so maybe I just 
> haven't seen the right documentation yet.

That's the question I was asking this morning:

I run my own server with several virtualhosts on it. I try to figure 
out, how to change the base URL of lists hosted on my virtualhosts. 
Every time a new list is created on a virtual host, the default URL is 
set back to the main server again, instead of the virtualhost, hosting 
that list. Only the email refering to that virtualhost is properly 
handled on the web pages and in the messages.

Why did the last version of Mailman removed the Base URL attached to 
each list from the web interface ?

One though: as the Mailman alias path in the Apache configuration does 
not refer to any host in particular, it works with any virtual host 
(i.e. www.virtualhost1.com/mailman/admin and 
www.virtualhost2.com/mailman/admin lead to the same admin interface). 
So why not set during the new list creation, the Base URL of the new 
list to the virtualhost on which the list was created?

Jon Carnes explained this morning on the list how to set Mailman to act 
with two different domains on the same machine. But is the Web URL 
given in each email message is properly given by Mailman though ?


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