[Mailman-Users] Base URL for virtualhosts... again!

Michael info at lashampoo.com
Tue Nov 5 12:39:11 CET 2002

Hi guys,

I am a new Mailman user. I run my own server with several virtualhosts 
on it. I try to figure out, how to change the base URL of lists hosted 
on my virtualhosts. Every time a new list is created on a virtual host, 
the default url is set back to the main server again, instead of the 
virtualhost, hosting that list.

I don't kown a thing about Python. I've already red the previous 
responses regarding the Base URL question, but couldn't figure how to 
use fix_url.py  Can someone give me a step by step procedure to change 
to Base URL on some of my lists (not every list) ?

Second question: why did you remove the Base URL attached to each list 
from the web interface ?

Why use and fix_url script instead ?

One though: as the alias path in the default Apache configuration does 
not refer to any host in particular, it works with any virtual host 
(i.e. www.virtualhost1.com/mailman/admin and 
www.virtualhost2.com/mailman/admin lead to the same admin interface). 
So why not set the Base URL of a list to the virtualhost on which the 
list was created?

Thanks for your help.

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