[Mailman-Users] A question about Mailman

Simona Tubertini S.Tubertini at jolly.bo.cnr.it
Tue Nov 5 09:20:36 CET 2002

I have recently installed Mailman version 2.0.3 on my list server (Sendmail 
on RedHat Linux 7.3), and I have a question: how can I automatically reject 
messages from forbidden posters (without helding their messages for 
approval) ? This would be useful because we have a lot of mailing lists, we 
receive a lot of messages from spammers, and the list administrators must 
discard these messages manually every day...
Many thanks for your help, regards,

                                 Simona Tubertini

Simona Tubertini
National Research Council - Research Area of Bologna
Via Gobetti, 101
Phone # 00 39 51 6399411
Fax # 00 39 51 6399432
E-mail: S.Tubertini at area.bo.cnr.it

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