[Mailman-Users] Mailman Virtual Hosting - my findings

Michael info at lashampoo.com
Wed Nov 6 01:25:00 CET 2002

Raquel Rice wrote :

>>> 1) When you create a list with "newlist", the info mail sent to the 
>>> list manager always contains a base URL from the "real" host name of 
>>> the server.
>>> Q: Is there a way to set the base URL and prefered host name of a 
>>> list at the time of creation? As I said, I am new to this so maybe I 
>>> just haven't seen the right documentation yet.
>> That's the question I was asking this morning:
> There is no mention of which version either of you are using.  There 
> are things which change from version to version.  In a generic way, 
> your questions have been answered.  Depending upon which version 
> you're using, your question may have been answered specifically.  We 
> are all volunteers, responding to questions as we have the time and as 
> we feel we're able.  Have you checked the archives of this list?  
> While you're answering the questions I've asked you and waiting for me 
> to have a few seconds in an already very busy schedule, maybe you can 
> check that out?

You're right Raquel, but I was just pointing out the fact many people 
on this list were looking for the same thing. That's all. I was not 
yelling or being impatient, and didn't mean to hurt your sensibility. 
You seem to be very busy indeed. Keep cool Raquel. ;-)

For you question, I'm actually using version 2.1b4

As I said on this list, I've already search the archives for that 
answer before posting any new question. It seems to have no solution 
for multi-hosting since version 2.1. The feature "Base URL for Mailman 
web interface." in the web interface "General Option Sections" seems 
have been removed in the version 2.1 but was existing in the version 
previous version 2.0

Or am I wrong ?


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