[Mailman-Users] stats

John W Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Wed Nov 6 07:08:39 CET 2002

At 20:00 -0500 11/5/2002, Jon Carnes wrote:
>Then looking at the logs to get a graph of how quickly a list normally
>sends (based on the log entries), both by percent and by pure numbers.
>Since I'm looking at the logs I thought of looking at some other "tuning
>stats" to try and give config recommendations to users...  Though that
>would definitely be functionality for a second version of the script.

We host a few-thousand-member once-a-week announcement sort of list.
Although I'm not interested in the subject matter (and don't read the
posts) I'm subscribed in an account here and an account on mac.com.  Most
weekends, I check the received headers to see how long it took the message
to get to each of my subscribed accounts after the mailman machine here
received it.  (Some weekends I just verify that the messages arrived.)

I've gotten that time down from perhaps 12 hours (under Majordomo on even
slower iron) for the a different remote account to perhaps 6 hours
initially with Mailman, and now usually 7 to 12 minutes.  I'm not going to
try to do better until after we upgrade the hardware, and the connection to
the world, and Python, and Exim and Mailman (to final 2.1).  I'm sure I
could still improve things, but the difference between 12 minutes and 5
minutes or whatever (or even 1 minute) isn't very interesting.

Along with the stats, you can learn a lot from a few Received: headers.

John Baxter   jwblist at olympus.net      Port Ludlow, WA, USA
Not planning to do all that upgrading at the same instant on the live
lists.  ;-)

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