[Mailman-Users] changing From: address on password reminders

Lars Andersson mailman-list at rockar.nu
Wed Nov 6 09:16:13 CET 2002

I'm managing a mailman server with a many lists and I wonder if there
is any way to get the passwords reminders to be sent from each
list-owners address instead of the address of the mailman-owner? Since
some of the lists have +15000 users I get a lot of replies to the
password reminders (mostly about changing their address and stuff like

If the reminders were sent out with a From: address of each
list-admin it would make the administration of the list server easier.

I haven't found anything about this on the FAQ and I've searched the
archives without any luck, only found a way to filter these messages to
/dev/null, a solution that I don't want to use. If someone have any
ideas on this subject you will make me happy =)

I'm running the following software setup.


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