[Mailman-Users] Qrunner problem

Simon McLeod Simon.McLeod at inspireit.com.au
Wed Nov 6 09:08:02 CET 2002


I've just installed mailman 2.0.13 on a redhat 6.1 machine.  All is
working fine, except the qrunner.  If you send mail to the list, the
maillog shows it's been received and passed to the wrapper.  If I look
in the mailman qfiles directory, there's a whole pile of .msg & .db
files, with the msg files being the emails i've sent to it.  The problem
is that qrunner doesn't actually do anything.  The files just sit in the
qfiles directory and don't go anywhere.  If I run qrunner manually, it
just runs without any output, exits with exit code 0

I'm not getting any error messages or any messages that relate to the
qrunner in any logfiles, and am completely stumped.

Can anyone help?

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