[Mailman-Users] wish list

Darius Thabit darius at sprout.com
Wed Nov 6 08:26:54 CET 2002

Hi People,

I was just checking out MailMan (on pair.net) as a replacement 
for a Majordomo list. It's got a lot of advantages, but I see right 
away an important area which would help sell me on it - I can't 
tell if this is already on the wish list.

Unsubscribing should be easier. It should be at least as easy 
as subscribing, since people are usually in more of a hurry to 
get off a list than to get on. So I suggest a "quick unsub" button
which would send a confirmation e-mail, for users who don't
have their password at their fingertips, which I submit is most
users. I shouldn't have to click "forgot password" only to go back 
and type it in. The current unsub screen could even be re-used 
such that e-mail confirmation is issued if no password is entered.

I also concur with the suggestion for automatic pswd generation. 

I think the average user doesn't really get a big kick out account 
confiuration - notwithstanding how much fun it is to design config
screens (and I have designed a few :) They just want to get on the 
list, see what it's about, and get off if they don't like it. This part of 
the process should be as streamlined as possible. (Personally 
I'd prefer the user could elect to forego passwords entirely,  for
small lists where security is not an issue, I hate them myself.)

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