[Mailman-Users] Re: Mailman does not send its mail to the users

Victor Tsaran vtsaran at icevi.org
Thu Nov 7 15:44:13 CET 2002

Hi, Jeremy!
What aliases should they look for? Can I just restore those alises using 
Qmail admin pannel, i.e. set them up the usual way, or this should be done 
via Mailman configuration? 


Jeremy Portzer writes: 

> On Wed, 2002-11-06 at 18:36, Victor Tsaran wrote:
>> Dear listers,
>> I am a user who has an account and a virtual domain with an ISP. The ISP 
>> runs Mailman version 2.0.6. For whatever reason, lists for other accounts on 
>> that machine are working fine, but not for mine.
>> Basically, Mailman stopped responding to admin requests as well as 
>> distribute its mail to the users.
>> The support guy removed those lists of mine and recreated them again, but 
>> the problem did not disappear.
>> They are running Qmail as their MTA.
>> All the messages that I sent to either list admin addresses or to the users 
>> end up in my catch-all account.
> If the messages are going to your catch-all account, and never showing
> up in the archives, this probably means that there's a problem with the
> aliases for your list.  Ask the administrator to check the aliases and
> the MTA configuration -- the mail absolutely should not be delivered to
> your account. 
> --Jeremy 

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