[Mailman-Users] qrunner import error on regex module

Dave Dribin dave-ml at dribin.org
Thu Nov 7 20:14:14 CET 2002

On Thu, Nov 07, 2002 at 12:34:51PM -0600, Dave Dribin wrote:
> Actually, I just thought of theory.  Prior to Oct. 10, all messages
> sent just went through.  There were no detained messages, i.e. qrunner
> had nothing to do.  Since then, 3 messages have been "detained" for
> the admin to look at.  My theory is that a message that goes right
> through never needs the regex Python module, but qrunner needs regex,
> So for the first month of operation, everything worked, but as soon as
> something triggered qrunner, all hell broke lose.  Not only did the
> detained messages never go through, but the email to the admin never
> went through either.  The only reason I solved the problem is that a
> user said that a message never got through.  I also need to check the
> Mailman logs more frequently than I do.

Ok, I did a little research to verify this.  The only place the
"regsub" or "regex" modules are used are in Bouncers/Catchall.py.
Further more, the only place Catchall is used is
Bouncers/BouncerAPI.py.  And finally, the only places BouncerAPI is
used is cron/qrunner.  Thus qrunner is dependent on regex, but it is
also the only place requiring regex.

> In any case, if the "regex" module is absolutely required (as seems to
> be the case), shouldn't the "./configure" script check for this and
> tell me *before* I install Mailman?  It seems easy enough to detect.

It does indeed seem that "regex" is required for qrunner to work, and
hence Mailman.  Is it very unusual not to have "regex"?  Is RH 7.2
Python > 1.5 essentially broken?  FWIW, I've checked RH 7.3.  It ships
with Python 2.2 and 2.0.  Both have "regex" built in.


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