[Mailman-Users] relay host

peter schoch pschoch at sussex.cc.nj.us
Thu Nov 7 18:30:16 CET 2002


It sounds like you are having the same trouble I am.  My first fix, for the 'Test' list was to explicitly put in RELAY lines in the access file for the domains of all my subscribers to try and eliminate the relay problem.  This worked on the test list, and since my subscribers are from a narrow number of ISP's, I did it for my "live' lists.

Either way, I'm still only getting email to go to the archives but not to the list members.  Let me know if you get it to work.

Peter Schoch

Peter Schoch
Physics and CIS
Sussex County Community College
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pschoch at sussex.cc.nj.us
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>>> michael shiloh <michael at makingthings.com> 11/06/02 02:25PM >>>
hi all,


  redhat 7.3 with most updates
  linux 2.4.9-21
  python 1.5.2
  sendmail 8.11.6
  mailman 2.0.13
  Apache 1.3.22

i'm having a bit of trouble getting mail sent out from my
recently-installed list server. according to my sendmail
documentation i'm allowing relay from my local host, and in
fact in 


i have:

  # Check the /usr/share/doc/sendmail-8.11.6/README.cf file for a description
  # of the format of this file. (search for access_db in that file)
  # The /usr/share/doc/sendmail-8.11.6/README.cf is part of the sendmail-doc
  # package.
  # by default we allow relaying from localhost...
  localhost.localdomain           RELAY
  localhost                       RELAY                       RELAY

the symptom is that i can access my list's subscription
website and subscribe. i get the next page that says:

  Confirmation from your email address is required, to
  prevent anyone from subscribing you without permission.
  Instructions are being sent to you at michael at ecsd.com. 

and then i see in my /var/log/messages:

  Nov  6 11:17:06 magritte sendmail[22687]: gA6JH6J22687:
  ruleset=check_rcpt, arg1=<michael at ecsd.com>,
  relay=localhost.localdomain [], reject=551 5.7.1 
  we do not relay

normally from this same host i can send email anywhere
(including to michael at ecsd.com) so it is something that
mailman is adding (or perhaps leaving off?). 

normally i send email from pine, and i have in pine
specifically set my domain. it occurred to me that i've
never told mailman what domain to use. perhaps it's picking
up some default which i never bothered setting? where would
it get this info? not hostname, since that gives a valid

  # hostname

any ideas gleefully accepted, with much appreciation.


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