[Mailman-Users] MM and mhonarc problems...

Bryce Tate btate2 at spsu.edu
Mon Nov 11 18:12:39 CET 2002

Response below:

> This is a strange error.
> The traceback says Mailman's qrunner was trying to execute the command
> line  you defined via the PUBLIC_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER config variable with
> the  listname concerned plugged in to it.
> Mailman does this using the Python os.popen function which provides a
> writable pipe through which the qrunner feeds the text of the email
> concerned to (hopefully) Mhonarc's process STDIN.
> It looks as though Mailman has checked the exit status of the command
> returned via the close function on the file type object returned by
> popen,  and found it to be non-zero.
> However, when trying to output this exit status to the logfile it has
> failed because the exit status was not an integer but a string. UNIX
> command exit status is supposed to be a 16 bit integer.
> The question is why the exit status is a string not an integer. I cannot
>  reproduce this despite feeding absolute nonsense commands of various
> types  to os.popen using either the Python 2.2.1 or 1.5.2 I have readily
> available.

Strange indeed.

> It looks, from information in the traceback, as though you are running
> MM  2.0.x and not running Python 1.5.2 but a later version.
> To get any further, some information about what OS and version and which
>  versions of Mailman and Python you are using may be useful.

I am running redhat 8.0 + updates, kernel 2.4.18-14, and python 2.2.1, 
Mailman 2.0.13, and mhonarc 2.5.13.  Let me know if there is any other
information which might be helpful.  Thank you for taking the time to help
me out,


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