[Mailman-Users] MM and mhonarc problems...Fixed!

Bryce Tate btate2 at spsu.edu
Mon Nov 11 18:45:53 CET 2002

To everyone that answered my question, thank you very much!  By trying
some of the suggestions I spotted a simple mistake, that was most likely
the problem.

When I initially ran mhonarc on both lists i created, to convert existing
archives, I did so as root, and I chmod the directories so mailman had
access, but I forgot to make it recursive, so mailman/mhonarc couldn't
open/write the files for the archives.  Once I changed the permissions, it
worked fine, no errors in the logs at all.  I'm sorry for wasting your
time on a simple error I made, but you all were very helpful!

I do wonder though if there is still a problem with python, since it
wasn't handled correctly (at least what I think should be correctly) as
Richard pointed out.

>However, when trying to output this exit status to the logfile it has
>failed because the exit status was not an integer but a string. UNIX
>command exit status is supposed to be a 16 bit integer.

Again thanks to all the helped me out!


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