[Mailman-Users] Archiving Question

Dave Warchol Warchol at harthosp.org
Wed Nov 13 20:47:15 CET 2002

         I am doing some last minute testing using a test list
configured like my production list prior to going live with my first
list on Monday.  I have to tell everyone that I have had an excellent
experience with Mailman (2.0.13-1) to date.  I am running on a well
patched RH7.3 box, everything installed from packages and am using
Postfix as my MTA.  This will be a "discussion" type list, where the
original message is posted and folks respond to the list. I am trying to
simulate a discussion using two different e-mail accounts (each of which
is a list member, call them A1 and A2).  It is entirely possible that:
a.  I am not doing it correctly, or,
b.  I have not configured something correctly.

The list is set up as a "closed" "private" list. 
Membership=confirm+approve, the archives are private as well, only list
members may post.

The scenario:
1.  A1 posts to the list.  Both A1 and A2 receive the message. The
message appears in the archive.
2.  A2 replies to the message, with the addressee being the list.  Both
A1 and A2 receive A2's reply.  The message appears in the archive as a
separate line item, not indented as I expected (the archive display is
sorted by thread).

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks much in advance.......


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