[Mailman-Users] Disparate list locations

Joel Becker jlbec at evilplan.org
Wed Nov 13 20:47:04 CET 2002

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	Is there any way to have multiple locations with one set of
binaries?  I have a web structure like so:


	All data for the project's web space exists under the project
path.  So, a tar(1) or mv(1) of /projects/bob means that all of the data
for bob is included.  I can move it about as I please.
	My understanding of mailmain and mm_cfg.py is that I can't have


where the mailman software is in /usr/lib/mailman, and each different
location has the proper bits.  To clarify.  I want
http://myhost/projects/sue/listinfo/sue-list to reference
/projects/sue/mailman/lists/sue-list.  I want
http://myhost/projects/sue/archives/sue-list to reference
/projects/sue/mailman/archives/sue-list.  The same for the bob and john
	With the current mm_cfg.py, listinfo only accesses one
directory.  There is (to my knowledge) no way to tell it where to go for
bob vs sue.
	To be clear, I don't want to compile a new mailmain binary tree
for each project.  That's overkill.  I am guessing that the 'right'
answer is to create symlinks.  So, /var/lib/mailman/lists/sue-list ->
/projects/sue/mailman/lists/sue-list and
/var/lib/mailman/archives/sue-list ->
/projects/sue/mailman/archives/sue-list.  This allows the data to live
in the correct place.
	Is there a better way?



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