[Mailman-Users] New lists do not work

Kyle Rhorer rhorer at swbell.net
Fri Nov 15 17:04:42 CET 2002

On Friday 15 November 2002 09:31, Ralph Boersema wrote:
> Our installation set up by a good programmer who is not too
> familiar with mailman. He doesn't have the time to participate in
> this list.

I would suggest that the first order of business is to hire a system 
administrator.  As long as you have people who "don't have time" to 
keep your infrastructure up and running and familiarize themselves with 
the software the company is using, you will continue to have problems.  
For example, who is going to apply security patches?  Who is going to 
perform backups?  Who is going to get new machines up and running?  Who 
is going to install and configure new software?  Who is going to ensure 
that the infrastructure continues to meet the needs of the company?  
These are just some of the functions required to maintain the 
technology assets of any company, large or small.  Then there's the 
obvious question of who is going to fix things when they stop working.

> 3. New lists that are created do not work.
> 4. It is initially possible to administer the list, but when the
> first message is sent, it does not forward and, after that, it is no
> longer possible to access the administration page. The admin access
> page comes up, you type in the password, but, then, nothing happens.

On the subject of mail from new lists not forwarding, did you forget to 
update the aliases file and/or run newaliases?  As for the problems 
accessing the administration page, more information would be helpful.  
Was there anything of significance in the logs?  Are your Mailman and 
Python up to date?  What version of Mailman are you running?  Are there 
files in the locks directory that could be hosing things?

Seriously, think about hiring a system administrator.  Every company 
larger than three or four people that uses computers should have one.  
If your company is small and doesn't have the resources to retain a 
full-time administrator, you could hire someone part-time or outsource 
the function.

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