[Mailman-Users] Wish: Spam by vacation notifications in Mailman

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Sat Nov 16 00:44:02 CET 2002

Front-end your mailman lists with something like SpamAssassin and add a rule
that kills these vacation replies.

The real culprit is the idiot who sets his filter to respond to all mail (as
opposed to mail sent directly to them).  Even then a responsible person only
send the message once in response to any one individual!

Just my opinion - Jon Carnes

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> Hi,
> we use Mailman and we like it! But there is a problem in people who are in
> our open maillists. They go for vacation and put some kind of agent in
> their mailbox who answers every e-mail. This answer goes to the list and
> the answer of the list also gets answered and again and again. We had
> 600 emails from that today until the admin recognized the problem.
> Couldn't there be a limitation of postings a user can make at one day?
>  From Bavaria, Germany
> Richard Lippmann
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