[Mailman-Users] Multiple Servers for a List?

David Richards d.richards at qut.edu.au
Wed Nov 20 00:56:16 CET 2002

 > I have a domain with 2 master mx servers and I want to run
> mailman on > both so if 1 is down, the mailing lists still work.
> I have not setup > mailman yet, but have subscribed to quite a
> few lists using it. > 
> > Does anyone have a similar setup?
> Most folks do this via NFS.  They setup a primary mailserver then
> a secondary that only kicks in if the heartbeat of the primary is
> interrupted. The Mailman setup is stored in a home directory that
> is mounted via NFS to both servers.

Are there any guides on setting up mailman in this fashion??  We are
looking at doing the same here for greater availability.  

Is it possible to set up so that both mailman installations can run at the
same time??  Active-Active??  Otherwise, what is the best way to do the
'heart beat'?


Dave Richards
Project Manager (Messaging)
Information Technology Services
Queensland University of Technology

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