[Mailman-Users] Multiple Servers for a List?

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Wed Nov 20 02:26:28 CET 2002

There are several ways to set this up.  Here are two examples that I've

 - Front end the servers with an LVS cluster and run the servers in your
DMZ.  The LVS cluster acts as a firewall and connects a user to an
active internal server (one of many in its list) based on either an ip
address or a port.  If one of the internal servers stops responding then
the LVS cluster will only direct new requests to the servers that are
still responding.

 - Run redundant external servers. One server is the primary and runs
all the requests. This server is maxed out with all the hardware needed
to handle peak loads and growth for a few years. The other server is the
secondary and is setup to handle the current normal load. You run a
heartbeat program on the servers and write a script to bring up the
secondary when the heartbeat is lost from the Primary.  In this case the
Secondary runs multiple IP Addresses - running it's own set, plus it
takes over the Primaries IP Addresses on failure of the heartbeat.

You can write your own heartbeat program which is as simple as a ping,
or you can use one of the stock Linux services that automatically does
this sort of thing for you (sorry, I can't remember the name of any at
this time, but Google is your friend - a good starting point is the LVS

On Tue, 2002-11-19 at 18:56, David Richards wrote:
>  > I have a domain with 2 master mx servers and I want to run
> > mailman on > both so if 1 is down, the mailing lists still work.
> > I have not setup > mailman yet, but have subscribed to quite a
> > few lists using it. > 
> > > Does anyone have a similar setup?
> > 
> > Most folks do this via NFS.  They setup a primary mailserver then
> > a secondary that only kicks in if the heartbeat of the primary is
> > interrupted. The Mailman setup is stored in a home directory that
> > is mounted via NFS to both servers.
> Are there any guides on setting up mailman in this fashion??  We are
> looking at doing the same here for greater availability.  
> Is it possible to set up so that both mailman installations can run at the
> same time??  Active-Active??  Otherwise, what is the best way to do the
> 'heart beat'?
> Dave.
> Dave Richards
> Project Manager (Messaging)
> Information Technology Services
> Queensland University of Technology
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