[Mailman-Users] Migration questions (majordomo, MHonArc,Yahoo!Groups)

Arlen.P.Walker at jci.com Arlen.P.Walker at jci.com
Wed Nov 20 14:58:42 CET 2002

>[1] I want most of my archives to be private.  The way I'm currently
>     doing this with MHonarc is setting up a user in my web server
>     (Netscape Enterprise) and broadcasting the password to the list.
>     I prefer the use Mailman's user authentication.
>[2] I like the way Pipermail automatically breaks the archives up
>     by {month,quarter,year} and creates an index of indexes.  My
>     larger MHonarc archives get rather cumbersome.
>[3] I like the way Mailman/Pipermail obscures the email addresses,
>     although it could be better.
>[4] I'd prefer to maintain only one package.
>If these are not valid reasons, please clue me in.

Three of the four are subjective, so there's no sense in addressing them.
You are welcome to your opinions, and of course "because I want to" is a
valid reason. As I said, my question was an elementary one; I just wondered
if you realized you didn't have to switch simply because Pipermail was
included in Mailman while MHonArc was not. I'm not an apologist for one or
the other. As for myself, I went to the trouble of tracking down MHonArc
and installing it because the included Pipermail couldn't do what I needed
done, namely archive MIME attachments along with the message. I understand
someday soon that feature will be in the Mailman/Pipermail releases, but I
couldn't wait for it.

Reason #1, the only one not stated as a personal preference, is addressed
in Mailman FAQ 3.7:


Using the supplied script to build the .htaccess file from the mailman
password list will control access to the archives, whether they are
produced by Pipermail, Hypermail, MHonArc, or even if you prepared them by

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