[Mailman-Users] single sign-on

Phillip L. Harbison alvitar at xavax.com
Fri Nov 22 06:46:29 CET 2002

Jon Carnes wrote:
 > > Is there a way to link a user's subscriptions to multiple lists so
 > > that they have a common password and only have to give the password
 > > once?
> If you move up to the 2.1B5 version of mailman then you can use an SQL
> database to store the list information and membership information.  Then
> with some judicious use of SQL commands you can set the users to all use
> the same passwords.

Perhaps my question wasn't clear.  I host lists for several clubs and
charities.  These lists tend to come in pairs, i.e. xyz-announce and
xyz-general.  I also host a bunch of lists for my church and members
might be on as many as 10 lists.  So I have two problems.  [1] I want
a member to only have to remember one password.  I might be able to do
this with SQL commands as mentioned above.  [2] I only want the users
to have to enter their password once.  For example, if a user enters
a password to access the xyz-announce archives, he should not have to
enter it again to access the xyz-general archives or any other Mailman
list hosted on my site.

What I would prefer to have is one site-wide database for passwords
and separate databases for each list for user preferences.

Phil Harbison

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